Audi will soon unveil a latest generation of in-car technology

Audi plans to turn the interior of their show vehicle into a tech-filled amusement park at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Les Vegas. The brand will present a fully in-car entertainment format and a film theater-like experience within a luxury saloon on its show stand.

Both technologies represent the in-vehicle entertainment of the future, says Audi. The brand will also present how a car ride turn into a digital fun experience. The models of the future will be even more linked and so provide the prerequisites of a fun space. Thanks to automated driving, occupants will have “free” time in the vehicle in the future, in which they can use the next generation of in-vehicle entertainment, for example.

Audi will present some latest ideas at the CES to demonstrate how the driving experience can turn into a experience drive. In Las Vegas, the brand will show a fully latest fun format that gives entertainment while the vehicle is stationary. It permits the occupants to enjoy Hollywood blockbusters or content offered by streaming services.

Audi has been a usual exhibitor at the CES since 2011. It is the best electronics trade fair and is considered to be a vital driving force for development and trends all over the globe and approximately 1.7 lakh visitors are guessed in 2019.

Bringing the 3D cinema experience to your vehicle

It is clear that Audi is preparing its vehicle for the autonomous age, when drivers will eventually, once level four or five driverless systems are widespread – be capable to target on using media rather than driving.

The CES innovations will present new and amazing ways of enjoying media and movies on the move, with full audio/visual/sensory experiences planned. This will doubtless bring fun to the tech savvy, but many traditionalists will hesitate about the potential for distraction in vehicles, as cabins become stuffed with more and more electro-devices.

In a statement confirming its attendance at 2010 CES, Audi says, it will present a nearer-to-production advance in infotainment, which is known as “Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment” system that will permit passengers to enjoy “Hollywood blockbusters or content offered by streaming services” while the vehicle is stationery.

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